Sassy, classy and feminine. Innovative and pragmatic. Golf dresses that reflect your personality. At ease and with elegance. On and off the golf course. Designed in France, made in Germany.

The story of Golf-à-Porter began in 2012 when founder and new golfer Anke Beulke grew increasingly dismayed with the quality and style of clothes available for female golfers. Clothes were practical but not flattering, and they lacked a feminine and classic style that she and the growing number of female golfers across the continent demanded.

Whilst adequate for playing golf, existing golf wear was not something Anke wanted to wear on the way to the course, or socialising after a round. She created Prêt-à-Porter for the golf course allowing the fashion-conscious woman to tee off in style.

Discover the combination of classic French design and the latest in lightweight and easy-care materials in a hand-made dress that is personalised to be as individual as you are.

Golf-à-Porter - Exclusive Dresses to Swing in Style.